Business Overview

TapTasty is an app platform that offers you the possibility to have your own customized mobile app. The beauty of TapTasty is that it has a lot of benefits. What TapTasty wants to bring to its clients is satisfaction. With an app created by them, you’ll get a complex app that has it all. Beautiful and clean design and a good set of features. TapTasty is build to save time and help with better management for its customers.





  • Web Strategy
  • Brand Design
  • Online Marketing


PHP 7.3, MYSQL, WordPress, JavaScript, Node.js, JQuery, HTML5, CSS3, SASS


4 weeks

Brand Design

Design is the first thing people see. That is why for TapTasty we have thought the design in an appealing and explicit way. Creating the brand identity we wanted to give people from the start the idea of a mobile app. That is why the name contains a reference to mobile, while the logo includes a mobile phone.

The website is created to give visitors all the information they need about what the service offers and also how the service works. All the information is detailed in the Tour section with a sticky bar to help you navigate through from one topic to another.  Call to action buttons are spread strategically.

Web Strategy

TapTasty is made to help the restaurants, bars, cafes, and other locals increase their revenue and reduce their work at the same time. If you go to our official website, you will see that you can switch the language to either Romanian or English. We've created it to be practical, and easy to navigate.

We have created a Case study page where potential clients can have a better look at how their product would look. On this page you can select the type of business you want to see, for example: coffee shop, restaurant and so on.



In more detail, if you look closely at the header, you can see a short presentation about TapTasty and about its modules: Pickup & Delivery, Marketing, and Analytics. Also, there are other sections like pricing, case studies, blog what will help you make an option about TapTasty. Besides that, you can talk with us, so leave your message in Let's talk section. We are friendly, and we can't wait to give you all the answers you are looking for.

Online Marketing

When creating the Online strategy for this product, we used all the social media platforms for a wholesome approach to potential clients that would use the TapTasty service. Any visitor can easily find social media buttons, such as Instagram, Facebook, Twitter.

Online Marketing TapTasty – app platform Feature Image
Online Marketing TapTasty – app platform Second Image
Online Marketing TapTasty – app platform Third Image