Business Overview

Reliva is a locale where a unique blend of French artistry, flavor, and cuisine provide a fabulous dining experience. Situated in the center of Oradea in Romania, the restaurant offers an intimate and pleasant ambiance in which to enjoy refined dishes and impeccable service. Fresh ingredients, state-of-the-art techniques and the creativity of chef Lavinia Maier, along with select choices of wine — elements of an unforgettable meal. With a distinguished atmosphere among the other restaurants in the city, Reliva promises to satisfy the taste for the artist within you.




  • Web Strategy
  • Brand Design
  • Online Marketing


PHP, MYSQL, WordPress, JavaScript, JQuery, HTML5, CSS3, SASS


3 weeks

Brand Design

Reliva, the name of the business is an invitation for the client to relive certain experiences.  Chef Lavinia Maier worked for 13 years in French cuisine in Belgium and she's trying now to relive that experience for Oradea's people.   At Reliva you are welcomed with an intimate and pleasing ambiance, jazz music, elegant décor and friendly people. It is the ideal place for a romantic dinner, a business meeting or for our own personal enjoyment. Everything is arranged in a perfect harmony in order to offer you the chance to enjoy this experience.

Web Strategy

We have built a website for the Reliva restaurant where we exposed the restaurant building, the décor, the working team and the French cuisine and we have obtained some testimonials that strengthen the information about Reliva and offer credibility to the visitor.

In About us page, you can read the story of Reliva and chef Lavinia Maier. Being open to the customers automatically create a relationship with them helping them empathize with the business owner. At the blog section, anyone can find new ideas, kitchen tips, and new recipes.

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Online Marketing

There are very few French restaurants in the area. Reliva has a great location in the city's center and counts with 13 years experience of chef Lavinia Maier. You can find Reliva on Facebook, Instagram and in some magazines that are distributed throughout Oradea and its surroundings.

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