Business Overview

Through a balanced diet, natural and healthy and combined with an appropriate physical exercise, most diseases and illnesses of modern world could be enormously reduced. Dare we dream, even eradicated. Nutrition plan is a health program that was created to help you adjust your body weight, slim down if needed, become full of energy and vitalized. Having a healthier lifestyle gives you a general feeling of welfare, while also doing magic on your self esteem. At Nutrition plan you will get not only better physical and psychical performance, but also your own and personalized Nutrition Plan.


Ramona Tomuta


  • Web Strategy
  • Brand Design
  • Online Marketing


PHP, MYSQL, WordPress, JavaScript, JQuery, HTML5, CSS3, SASS


3 weeks

Brand Design

We created a website that is built according to current online requirements using the latest technologies. We implemented a lot of detailed sections with value content for potential customers Ramona Tomuța is a brand in herself. She has created the Nutrition Plan based on her personal experience with weight loss struggle. She has built her brand on what matters most, and that is the Metabolic Program in itself.

For this brand building awareness we chose the color red, because it is a color that motives viewers to take an action. Also we used olive green as a complementary color. This is a perfect color for the brand, because it stands for physical healing, renewal and balance.

Web Strategy

We have built a website for Ramona Tomuța to offer her the best space where to share her knowledge and information to her clients. This website is built to Inform, Motivate and Engage with users.

In the Program section you can easily find the steps you need to follow during the program. We have obtained testimonials that strengthen the information on this website and helps other users identify with the program.

In the About Me page you can read the story behind Nutrition Plan, what sparked the idea and how it was put into motion. In the blog section, people that get into the program, and not just them, can get tips and tricks for their everyday healthy living. Or motivation to start making changes for the better in your current lifestyle.


Ramona Tomuta Mockup 1
Ramona Tomuta Mockup 2
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Online Marketing

Nutrition Plan focuses their online marketing in offering valuable information for their potential and current clients. A big part of the online marketing is held by their Facebook page. Continuous engagement with clients, promoting nutrition events  and therapeutically support groups.

Online Marketing Nutrition Plan Feature Image
Online Marketing Nutrition Plan Second Image
Online Marketing Nutrition Plan Third Image