Business Overview

Megaproteine is a website, developed especially for proteins and nutritional supplements consumers, facilitating the possibility to buy these products, but also the opportunity to be advised on how to use these products in an efficient way.

This website is customized by the client’s need, providing counseling not only just on the product acquisition, but also offering suggestions for the program or the diet that the user should have.




  • Web Strategy


PHP, MYSQL, JavaScript, JQuery, HTML5, CSS3


3 weeks

Brand Design

To become a true leader in your market niche, focus on improving your customers' experiences and interactions with your company. Honor what your brand symbolizes by continuing to deliver to your high value customers. Always make sure you keep your promises and live up to your marketing claims. Perform like a leader by keeping your promises - nothing can ruin your branding efforts than failing to do what you say. MegaProteine has passion for designing proteins that make a positive difference in peoples’ lives.

Web Strategy

The growth of concern about health and body building created the need of being advised about lifestyle. Those pieces of advice will ensure a healthy and a well-structured body.

Megaproteine combines these needs. Besides giving advice on the program that should be followed, or the recommended diet, it also presents the nutritional supplements that help to fulfill these goals faster.

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Online Marketing

The results demonstrate that this website meets a growing need. The users are extremely pleased with the professional products and services that Megaproteine offers.

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