Business Overview

Marta’s Gift is an online shop, designed for bringing value and uniqueness, quality and social implication to its clients. Collaborating with this company, the benefits are not stopping at the quality of home-made products, but also help young orphan teenagers who left orphanages, to integrate in the society and have an independent life.

The online store promotes quality and uniqueness at an advantageous price.


Marta's Gift


  • Web Strategy
  • Brand Design
  • Online Marketing


PHP, MYSQL, OpenCart, JavaScript, JQuery, HTML5, CSS3


1 month

Brand Design

Branding is all about sending a strong and consistent message. With a strong brand, you won't have to sell for as long or as hard. Customers will know what you stand for before you give your pitch or proposal. You want to be easily identifiable at every customer touch point, from word of mouth to final sale. Whether it’s by visiting your web site or seeing a print add, ensure that every bit and byte of packaging, presentations, communications, and marketing peaks with your brand-consistent look and feel. Marta's Gift brings value and uniquenss to its clients.

Web Strategy

Marta’s Gift team meets the market need, providing quality, a fair price and also has a social substrate.

The offered products are designed to satisfy the client, producing gifts which cannot be found in other stores, prepared a day earlier and possessing high qualitative features.

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Online Marketing

Marta's Gift has provided a wide range of products of the highest quality on the market. Thousands of customers have enjoyed the gifts prepared with care and love by Marta’s Gift team. Quality. Fair price and uniqueness. All in one place!

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