Business Overview

Magazine Builder is an online application that allows many members of a magazine to choose the content that will be published. Even if this application may seem simple, it brings efficiency. Conceptually, a magazine is a template in which every member chooses what product would be included and how to visualize them.

This application is managed by an administrator who will coordinate the creation of all members’ magazines for each edition.


Magazine Builder


  • Web Strategy


PHP, SlimFramework, MYSQL, JavaScript, Backbone.js, JQuery, HTML5, CSS3


3 months

Brand Design

The process involved in creating a unique name and image for a product in the consumers' mind, mainly through advertising campaigns with a consistent theme. Branding aims to establish a significant and differentiated presence in the market that attracts and retains loyal customers. Create your magazines now online with Restofrit Magazine Builder!

Web Strategy

Creating a magazine brings a lot of obstacles, but these can be solved online. Magazine Builder team has discovered the need of creating this application and also innovate the publishing industry.

This application is not just solving the problem of space and time for the members, but also makes easier the entire work for every publication. The administrator manages the entire magazine in an efficient way, acquiring the entire creativity of each member.

Magazine Builder Mockup 1
Magazine Builder Mockup 2

Online Marketing

Our results have demonstrated the need for this kind of application. Customers said they were satisfied with the services of Magazine Builder. Among the advantages listed by them, we remark the easy handling and saving time and money.

Online Marketing Magazine Builder Feature Image
Online Marketing Magazine Builder Second Image
Online Marketing Magazine Builder Third Image