Business Overview

Their mission at LED National is to be the industry leader in both LED on-site advertising and commercial lighting solutions. They believe the success of our partnerships with their clients will be measured by a flourishing return on investment. They will utilize LED technology as the platform to maximize their partner’s revenue by providing complete advertising solutions packages.


Led National


  • Web Strategy
  • Brand Design
  • Online Marketing


PHP, MYSQL, WordPress, JavaScript, JQuery, HTML5, CSS3, SASS


3 weeks

Brand Design

A brand is every interaction with and marketing practice of a name or design that identifies and differentiates one business, product, or service from another. A brand encompasses the positioning, the messaging and communications, the visual design, the target market, the voice, the marketing and promotions, the presence, and the experience any individual has with the business, product or service online, offline, or in person. You brand is the experience people have when they come in contact with you or your business. Led National will handle everything in a professional and efficient manner.

Web Strategy

LED National business model is simple; they focus on offering professional custom advertising content using the highest quality LED sign on the market, all installed, managed, and parts and on-site labor warranty.

This allows the business owner to focus on what he does best, while they as professionals and experts in graphics and marketing handle their on-site advertising providing the customer with the maximum impact of a LED sign.

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Online Marketing

Just like in a relationship, attraction, loyalty, and engagement are some of the ingredients needed for any successful outdoor marketing campaign. Outdoor marketing using National LED displays is highly effective thanks to its visibility, exposure, and interactivity. The LED National team provides you with a wide assortment of LED displays you can use to optimize your outdoor marketing campaigns, offering excellent produces, sales assistance, and consultation with experts.

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