Business Overview

1990s is the year when Dearwater Design was born. Over the years they have refined their skills in graphic design, illustration, websites, corporate identification programs, brochures, direct mail, animation, and other types of collateral and promotional material.

Their design is based on a set of principles that guide their finale result. These are

  • creativity
  • accountability
  • active listening and
  • always on time.

On top of all this Dearwater provide excellent customer service. 


Dearwater Design


  • Web Strategy
  • Brand Design
  • Online Marketing


Bedrock, Yarn, PHP, MYSQL, WordPress, JavaScript, Node.js, JQuery, HTML5, CSS3, SASS


3 weeks

Brand Design

Dearwater has created a personal brand that reflects in the designs made for their clients. Their focus is on creating work that is both effective and satisfying. Their design reflects the experience they gathered in the 25 years of work, having refined the process of creation and are now producing reliable and effective solutions. Dearwater offers a fresh, innovative and appropriate solution, using the latest technologies, without being trendy. Their trademark is that they strive for solutions that are elegant, notable and meaningful.

Web Strategy

We have built a website for Dearwater where we presented their expertise in design. The focus in the About section is on the reasons clients choose Dearwater Design. A big part of the website is focused in the “our work” section, where we detailed the projects in which Dearwater contributed. Further on their website you can read a short description about the team members and details about how to contact them.

The website strategy is simple and elegant. It reflects their brand identity. It is focused on the work they did for their clients. The projects are presented with pictures from their clients websites and also testimonials included in the presentation of their work.


design, graphic design, web design, web company
Dearwater Design Mockup 2
Dearwater Design Mockup 3
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Online Marketing

Dearwater focus their online marketing in attracting valuable clients whom have something to say but need to express that through great and qualitative design. As you can see in the testimonials on their website, their clients are utterly satisfied with the end product from Dearwater. Apart from their website, you can find Dearwater on Instagram, Facebook and even LinkedIn.

design, graphic design, web design, web company
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