How to Use your Dominant Color on your Website

Any brand has a dominant color. This color is the most  for your company due to its power of bringing out certain emotions or feelings when people arrive on your website. Now, this is the color that you want your audience to remember when they think of you, right? There are 3 main ideas you need to consider when you design your website focused on the dominant color.

1. Concentrate on the most populated fields

color branding design

Colors attract a lot of attention, so you don’t want to insert it everywhere! Based on studies there is a general rule of thumb: only use your dominant color in a limited number of places where you want your website visitors to paying attention or to take certain actions. For instance, you can use it for filling the “call to action” button, logo & menu tabs, or when you want to highlight an important information.

2. Shape the brand color with other matching colors

color branding website background

It is pretty boring to use one single nuance throughout your entire website, that’s why you need other colors for making a beautiful contrast. By now, you should be thinking “Wow, this is like magic! Why aren’t more people using it to their advantage?” and you are completely right! But, mixing colors and blend them well together is not easy and neither intuitively! For making your decision easier, we suggest limiting to only 1 or 2 colors in addition to the dominant one. In this way, you’ll avoid the confusion of your visitors about the real-focal points. For a good understanding, we are offering you an example down below.

3. Do not confuse background color with brand-color

color branding website webdesign

Your background should resonate with the dominant color of your website, but they must not be the same! Avoid color overload and think more about the chromatic sensibility of your website. Choosing a background color is like choosing a wall-color for your room. It should be one that makes you comfortable every time you enter that room. In the same way, the background color needs to make your visitors be comfortable while they are browsing your website (here you can opt for achromatic colors or maybe lighter-colors such as nude ones). Creativity exists and it always finds us working! We are excited to help you design your story.

We hope this article will help you in choosing the right color to express and define your brand. If you are still in doubt about the right one, feel free to read more about how to make the right decision in our past and future articles here.

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