How Apps Help Businesses?

It is crystal clear that nowadays, it’s not quite simple to expand your customer base and retain your existing customers without some technology such as an app. Having a solid online presence and complementing that experience with an app your customers can download to their devices can increase your revenue.  

Thomas Husson, Vice President, and Principal Analyst at Forrester Research, stated: ‘Mobile business apps are becoming the new digital hub and the bridge to the physical world. They will affect your digital operations and transform your entire business.’

Each day people spend on average five and a half hours on their mobile devices. 79% of smartphone users have purchased online using their mobile devices, into the bargain, contributing to $339.03 billion in mobile revenue sales in 2020

As you might expect, apps offer a variety of advantages for businesses because they help them grow their customer base and increase engagement. But the question is: how

Let’s see some benefits of mobile apps and how they help businesses grow.

1. Cost reduction 

Even if starting a business may be an exciting process, it costs money. On the other hand, mobile apps can cut costs and streamline the companies’ workflow by transforming manual tasks into automated processes. Consequently, employees can focus on more important things that drive business growth. 

Additionally, some trends can help a developer reduce mobile app development costs, such as outsourcing, using credible technologies, and choosing the right platform for your app. 

If we consider outsourcing, for example, it can reduce the cost of developing the app. You will pay for only one thing: the development of your project. The final price depends on the project, idea, and complexity.  

Also, the right platform for your app will help you develop a mobile app cost-effectively. Do you need a cross-platform approach or a native app for a specific system, such as Android, iOS, or both? 

2. Increasing revenue 

A business can benefit financially from a mobile application. Statista compared the total revenue from mobile app downloads, ads, and in-app purchases in 2016, which was $88billion, while in 2020, it was $188 billion. It is as plain as simple that the competition gets tougher and tougher with so many mobile apps emerging in the market. 

It is a must for your company to compete in the market space to increase revenue from mobile apps. And the very first step is to understand the customer’s needs. Take advantage of the fact that many consumers are using smartphones.  

Sam Walton once said that if you exceed your customer’s expectations, they will come back regularly. Give them what they want – and a little more. In this way, you compel them to invest more money through their smartphones. And voila – you increased revenue! 

Of course, there are some ways of how you can let your customers spend more through your mobile apps. You can not only implement a customer loyalty program but also render a personalized customer experience. You can add a little extra and brand yourself too.

3. Improving your marketing plan

Having a marketing plan strategy is fundamental because it helps your business evolve. It will allow you as an owner to create a clear picture of your ideal customer and your advertising goals. Once you have set the overall direction and goals you can start your marketing activities on your own or ask for marketing services

However, it is quintessential to align your marketing strategy to the business goals defined in your business plan. Use some marketing tools such as social media, video tutorials, blogging, SEO, influencers, ads, etc. 

By using social media, for instance, you will increase your brand awareness. Platforms like Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram can grow your business by bringing potential customers. 83% of Instagram users admitted that they discovered new products. The best example is GoPro. The brand launched its third annual Million Dollar Challenge to promote its new HERO9 Black camera. Within 80 days, more than 29,000 people from 125 countries submitted their HERO9 Black video clips. It was a real big shot. 

4. Better customer service

Customer service is not only about giving customers what they want when they want it, but it is also about giving it in the best possible way. Keeping and increasing your customer base depends on providing good customer service. 

You can deliver excellent customer service if you: 

  • respond as quickly as possible; 
  • know your target audience;
  • fix your mistakes;
  • listen to your customers;
  • think long term. 

Undoubtedly, your business should deliver quality customer service because it has a massive impact on your business’ success. Moreover, the face of your company is your customer service team, and a strong company already has a great customer relationship. Try never to stagnate, and always look for new opportunities to improve your current customer service.

5. Better connection with customers

Connecting with your customers is the greatest thing you can do because it reflects that you are interested in always being in touch with them. Mobile apps are perfect for brand exposure, customer engagement, and communication. 

If you want to communicate proactively with your customers in real-time, add a live chat support feature to your app. Your customers will easily get answers to their questions and solutions to problems they experience 24/7.

You will see an instant boost to customers’ level of engagement. However, how do you practically build a long-term relationship with your customers through your mobile app? You can consider designing a communication and marketing strategy to keep customers coming back or measure your customers’ behavior with the right tools.

One thing is for sure: a mobile app increases customer engagement and enhances sales in many ways. 

Bottom Lines

Mobile apps have become a significant part of business profitability of all sizes. Many companies like Nike, Target, or Wells Fargo use their mobile apps to reach new customers and increase sales from current consumers. 

It is a must for businesses to develop custom mobile apps to remain competitive for the future. It is needless to say that apps can help companies grow without a huge marketing budget. 

You need a software development team to create high-quality apps that customers love. 


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