Which Colors Should I Use for My Website and Why?

Sometimes the color you choose doesn’t matter. But color or a mix of colors can have a significant business impact when you create a new product, a new brand, or a new website. Colors matter a lot whether you are a designer, a leader, an architect, a parent, a businessman, or a marketing strategist.                                                                                

In this blog article, we want to present you the color psychology and then go into the details of each color. Of course, all of these are in the context of web design. After you finish reading this, you will be ready to choose your website colors.

Let’s find out something new!

How colors impact us

Colors change our mood and attitude. Once seen by the human eye, the color is processed by the hypothalamus. This in turn sends signals to the endocrine system and eventually to the thyroid gland. The latter secretes hormones that cause mood swings. This changes your emotions and behavior. Colors have such an impact that the right ones can increase your site conversion rate by up to 24%. So now you understand that it is very important to choose the right colors on your company’s website.  


The psychology of color

It is known that a visitor forms an opinion about your site, brand, and product in 90 seconds. From this interaction, color has the greatest impact – 62-90% – on the newly formed attitude.

And as we all say,  first impressions last forever. So let’s get into the details of this design element on which the success of your website depends.

What to take into consideration when choosing your website’s colors? 

  • Target audience
  • The purpose for which it is used
  • The place where it is applied

Tips and Tricks for choosing the right colors

1. Women don’t like gray, orange, and brown. They like blue, purple and green.

          Trust us! Large sites that target women use these 3 colors. 

           Tarte chose light blue and purple.

2. Men prefer blue, green, and black

          But they dislike purple, orange and brown. Black, blue and green are associated in many colors with masculinity.

          Again, trust us! Brands that target men often turn black on their website. 


The significance of colors

1. Blue

Corporations love to use blue to tell you that “You can trust us!”

Blue conveys trust, peace, order, and loyalty. It gives you a sense of calm and you can use it on the site or landing page to create a feeling of security and trust.  Brands and institutes that need your trust in order to exist, are using blue. 

2. Red

In Webdesign red is not as useful as blue. Red is the color of passion, a warm color that contributes to the development of appetite. That’s why it fits with food brands.

3. Black

Black is masculine, but is used successfully by luxury brands, whether they target mainly women or men. 

4. Green

Green is a chromatic symbol of nature. It is the color that is most easily processed by the eyes and is used in stores to create a state of relaxation.

Use green for your business if it is related to:

  • The nature
  • Outdoor products
  • Organic / bio
  • Environment
  • Health

5. Orange

This color is used by brands that have a creative and fun side. Orange is warm, strong and eye-catching. It is also used to inspire self-confidence and competitiveness.


There is no perfect color just as there is no perfect site. Just the perfect site for you.

 So we advise you to consider the following aspects when choosing the colors for your website: 

  • Choose a color that matches your brand and product
  • Use contrast in your favor – especially for call to action
  • Choose the color that the target audience likes
  • Test it! Visitors ultimately give the verdict. The best color is the one that makes people press the button and buy

We hope you find the perfect color!

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