How Do You Collect Feedback from your Customers?

Why is customer feedback such and important part of your business? Well let’s just say that when a customer gives you feedback, they are actually helping you improve your product or service. 

Having good feedback from your customers it’s a guaranteed recommendation for your future clientele. When you work with customers you should take their opinion into account. Otherwise, you risk to make the same mistakes over and over again. Or for when the feedback is positive, you can reinforce that what you are doing is on the right path.

Now that you know how important it is, and if not, we will just leave this here, how do you collect this precious information from your customers? You can check below a few methods that might just do the work for you. 

SMS Survey

customer feedback rating stars sms

Sometimes using an SMS survey can be your most efficient method. It is less time consuming, more cost effective and it is proven to have a quicker and higher response rate. And if this wouldn’t be enough of a reason, they also offer more accurate responses. 

Important to keep in mind if using this strategy, are the following. First of all, your customers receive a lot of SMS from different people or other brands, so always introduce yourself. This gives you credibility and increases the likelihood of them actually answering. And secondly, remember to send a follow up. Your customers might be busy joggling other things during the day and they might forget about the first text. 

Also, this strategy of receiving a feedback works very well when paired with different strategies. So don’t be afraid to mix things up for that omnipresence channel.


customers feedback email questions

This one is great for when you got a complaint ticket. Right after closing one complaint be sure to send out an email and ask for feedback.  It is important to remember that this best applies when you only have a few questions or a scale type of questionnaire. If you don’t want to use a scale you can just ask a simple yes or no question.

Through email you can ask for rating or feedback. Make your clients’ voices heard by giving them the option to send you feedback. Also, maybe try and use other terms instead of feedback, for example, advice or suggestion.


customers feedback email survey

Creating a valuable survey can seem easy at first. You have a lot of possible questions you can ask your customers. Just remember to make them brief and very on point. No one wants to waist their time answering a long set of questions.

The design of your survey can vary depending on your preferences. It can be a slider that appears onscreen or it can be an email including the survey after they finished their purchase. The best way to find out which one works best for your customers is to maybe try a few of them out. One might get you more engaged with your tribe than the other, so  just get creative!

Pop Up

customer feedback survey

Pop ups are another great way to collect those opinions that you crave from your visitors. Simply set a pop up to ask for the feedback once your client has finished completing a purchase on your website. This is a simple and effective way to get your customers attention and honest answer while their experience is very fresh. 

When implementing a pop up in your strategy, timing is everything. Very important to keep in mind to not prompt before an interaction while your customers are doing a critical task. Also, showing a pop up before the actual content of your page got time to be checked, might not be in your favor. Context is everything. Wait for the right one and the right time to ask your customer to rate your page or give you feedback.


Feedback button

feedback customer


A tab or a button on your website can be the easiest way to collect feedback for your visitors. They are usually located in a visible spot on your web page, so that it is accessible for people to see it and click it. Visibility is important, because they tend to have a higher response rate and collect more replies, than the once that are not. 

Why should you use a button for this instead of asking for it directly? Well plenty of reasons. Firstly, it shows that you are open to hearing what your customers have to say. Secondly, feedback is the best thing you can use to grow and improve. And more important, it helps keep those negative comments private and gives you time to straight up your game.

In conclusion, there are plenty of ways to ask visitors and customers their opinion regarding your product or service. Above we presented a few classic, but effective ways in which you can get people to start talking about what you offer. There are a lot of other ways, you just have to try what best works for you.

Feel free to write us if you want to implement different ways to ask for feedback on your website.


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