The best 5 photo editing apps for your phone

When it comes to editing tools, everyone is seeking to find the perfect combination in order to get the best result. You might not be able to invest money in such things as editing apps, but the best part is that you don’t even have to. You can get so many apps for free, that include great effects and tools, that will get your photos done in a professional way.

Here are 5 of the best free editing apps worth trying out:

photo editing app


Pixlr is a photo editor created by the software company named Autodesk. Is one of the most popular online editors for photos, but it also has a mobile version. You can get Pixlr by downloading it from App Store or Google Play, is 100% free.

Pixlr has a lot of tools included. You can crop, rotate, double exposure, adjustment, autofix, heal, splash, or even correct red eyes in your photos. Also, you can use brushes to lighten your photo or darken only in the areas you want to. Another thing are the multiple effects, or overlays. You have so many things to play with while editing your photos. It’s really worthy.


Fotor is an online free image editor and graphic designer, but with his own mobile app. What’s great about Fotor is that you can edit your photos, create a design or make beautiful collages. When it comes to editing, you can retouch your selfies by using beauty effects.

For some extra features you have to pay, but the free features should be enough, you don’t necessarily need more.

photo editing mobile camera

LINE Camera

LINE Camera is a cute mobile app that allows you to use your creativity. It has an attractive design and a lot of features. You can add beauty effect, or retouch the colors of your photos by pressing the “auto fix” button. Also you can add stickers, logo and text onto the photo.

Some stickers and frames require extra cost, but the free stuff that LINE Camera offers are really useful. The rest are just for fun if you want to play with more features.

Adobe Photoshop Express

Adobe Photoshop Express is one of the most wanted editing apps, because it’s free and it has a lot of filters that you can apply on your photo.

In a few words, you can do the basic adjustments, you can auto-fix your photo, you can add various effects. Also, you can create very artistic collages, share your work on social media (Facebook, Instagram) and save them in which format you want, is customizable.


photo instagram editing app

Many people use Instagram to interact with people. They share their lifestyle, hobbies and many other things through images and videos to keep in touch with them.

Instagram has a lot of filters and editing tools. You can make your photos look stunning using the basic editing tools named sharpening, saturation, highlights, auto fix and so on. The secret is to take your pictures using your phone camera, not via Instagram. In that way all the tools can work their magic better.

To sum up, all the mentioned apps are worth a try. They might be great, but what makes them even greater is the user who has that spark of creativity when using them. You can see someone’s passion for editing while playing with the tools. Editing is easy only for those who are engaged.

We hope our article will bring out the best in your travel photos. Have a look at what other apps to use during your travel.


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