Tips and Tricks – Mobile Marketing Campaign

You invest time and talent into building your product that helps your market and the people using it. Your product is your main focus point and every step you take is contributing to its success.

But where do you leave your mobile marketing strategy? Having the right products it’s not enough. Forgetting to plan your marketing strategy or postponing it until the very end could seriously affect the lifetime of your work. It is crucial to have a plan even before the development starts. That way you maximize your work’s potential and its success.

In this article we want to walk you through the important parts that should not miss from your strategy and present you the steps successful brands followed, the tips and tricks to keep in mind.

1. Optimization strategy to everything you do

optimization strategy mobile marketing

When promoting it is important to have everything optimized. From the app itself to the website that presents your product. It is important to take into consideration every text, content and mobile campaign. They all need to be optimized. 

Make sure every part of your business is optimized for your mobile marketing campaign. For example you must make sure you Social Media Pages are are Mobile friendly, not just desktop. 67% of people expect to find the same experience across all devices. That is why it is important to adapt for every screen.

Even if you are the type of company that does not like to invest a lot of money in their marketing campaigns and tries to grow their market organically, it is important to have an optimized strategy.

2. Check every link you use in your mobile campaign

When starting your campaign, one very simple, but important part is to make sure that every link that you promote is functional. When approaching your launching day and investing every sweat into promoting your work, things can get a little rushed.

Check all your posts, texts, inserted links and make sure they all take your customers to the right page and content. First impressions matter more than you think and in this case it can be a make it or break it case. You do not want to raise your users curiosity, only to disappoint in an instant with a link that takes them nowhere. It is a straight path to losing conversions.

Remember to test, test and retest before starting a campaign.

3. Give enough information

information mobile marketing

Mobile campaigns are known for their concrete and short messages while promoting a product. This should not limit the information you offer to your targeted clients. When creating your text do not leave out important details, such as directions, how to participate in a campaign or event, or how one can get an incentive when participating.

A brief text can also be very informative, so add all your social media and call to action buttons and links to your website and mobile notification. Do not leave out crucial information. The purpose of your campaign is to INFORM your potential client/customer about your products, so be smart and filter, but don’t leave out the essential parts.

4. Respect privacy and Data Regulations

data regulation private mobile marketing

One important thing you must take into consideration when running your mobile marketing campaign is to respect the privacy of your users or potential customers. You have to do this by respecting the Data Regulations. It is important to regard this aspect in advance, when gathering your users’ information.

Going about this the right way will lead to a long term relationship between you and your customer. This is essential, because marketing via mobile is the best way to reach out. It tops any other form of communication or marketing campaign, such as Facebook ads, email and so on.

Take time to constantly keep up to date with the current regulations about the information you collect. This builds trust with your current and future customers.

5. Track Your Results

mobile marketing results keep track

If you have followed the prior steps, you are on the right track. Following all these, another important part is to keep track of your results. There are plenty of ways to do this. From setting Google Alerts to tracking user acquisitions, you can follow your campaign and asses your results.

You can use the Ad Words Grader to have a look at how your mobile PPC ads are performing. And finally, once your users start redeeming your product or offer, do not forget to provide quality customer service!

Mobile marketing campaign is not something new. The ideas presented above are not revolutionary, they are just common sense. What we wish for you is to refresh or brush up your knowledge and keep up the good work! And in the unfortunate case of not following the above steps, well, we only have this sentence for you: over half of total Internet traffic now comes from mobile devices, and this figure is only going to increase.

Are you new at mobile marketing? Feel free to contact us for more information and support along the way.

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