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Summer is still here and this means vacation, for most of us. Be it just a city break, all inclusive hotel on the beach or hiking in the mountains. Vacation is different for everyone, because we are very diverse.

There are lots of ways to travel this world. From the very prepared, tech savvy to the more hippie, talk to locals, type of traveling. But even so, there are the unpredictable moments, that can make or break your trip.

Limited internet, no idea where to eat or what to visit? These will all be problems of the past. We have created a list of useful apps to make sure you take with you on your next adventure.

Google trips

google trips travel apps

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This app is a great one in a lot of ways. How many times did you plan your trip in an exotic location, city, just to get there and encountered the unexpected: NO INTERNET. So how did you manage? Asking locals, no English and the sign language you used is a little rusty because you’ve been skipping on charade nights.

Google trips is a life saver. The app has some of the following features. It allows you to save your reservations, tickets and so on. You can also check these in offline mode, no need for internet. It also extracts your travel information from Inbox and Gmail and organizes them automatically. You can find out reviews, things to do and how to get around. To sum up Google trips, having all your travel info in one place!


moovit travel app

Moovit  is a bus and train live info app. If you love to explore the urban surroundings, then Moovit is a useful tool you should consider before your trip. Did you encounter moments when visiting a new city where cabs were not an option. You will say that it is the era of Uber and easy travel, but not all place have Uber.

But almost every place has public transportation. Moovit allows you to see the existing tram, bus and even train options in the place you are. It shows you the nearest stations live. You won’t get lost or spend a fortune on cabs in a new city ever again.


travel app apps lists

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PackPoint is an app that creates custom packing lists based on your trip details. It is no easy task preparing for a vacation. Depending on your destination and type of vacation, your baggage will be very different. This is what PackPoint is here to solve. The stressful part of packing.

The app creates your packing list based on your travel destination, weather, what activities you will partake. You can even select the type of travel, business or pleasure, or whether you are traveling with kids or not. Another cool option the app has is that it lets you save your list for future trips. Also you can share this list with other people. The endless texting before a trip, going over what you packed, not to forget something at home, will end with a simple list share.


money split travel app

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This is an app that is ideal for those not traveling alone. Splitwise  can be used not just for traveling, but when we do, we all know how things will happen. You pay the hotel, another friend pays for the gas, while the third one will buy the entrance tickets for the museum. With this app, keeping an evidence on who paid what will be a peach.

You can create a group for your trip and any purchase is made by a group member (trip related preferably) will be automatically divided between everyone. As different people will pay for different stuff, the app will keep track and add or subtract from the amount each individual owes. And the best part is yet to come, it has payment integration. You can link it to Venmo or PayPal and you can all pay your tabs in seconds.


travel app triposo

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We’ve presented you how to plan your trip, pack your bags, manage around the city and even take care of your expenses. We want to talk about Triposo now. This app works by taking crowd-sourced information from Wiki-travel, Wikipedia, and several other sites, and turns it all into a useful offline guide. You just need to make sure to preload the data for the country you visit prior to your trip and you are all set.

Triposo also offers information on the history and culture of the place you are visiting, as well as transport options for getting there, away and around. It also includes a phrasebook for the local language.


wifi travel app

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To be in need of WiFi. Let me rephrase. to be in need of free WiFi when one’s traveling it is a matter of great importance. That is how Wiffinity came to the rescue. So the next time you find yourself traveling with no more data to use for your Instagram posts, worry no more.

With this app you get an interactive map that shows you where the nearest WiFi hotspot is, even if you’re offline. It also allows you to add WiFi networks that you discover, as well as letting you know which ones are secure to connect to.

So there you have it, a short list of our favorite travel apps at the moment. We did not mention the well known ones like TripAdvisor, Uber, DuoLingo, because the truth is there are so many great apps out there that you can switch it up and try new ones all the time.  What is the number one app that you do not travel without?

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  1. These are useful tips, I will try Moovit for sure. For me TripAdvisor would be a number one choice, mostly for the reviews from other fellow travelers, but will give Google Trips a try.

    1. Thanks, Ema! Let us know what you think after using them. Have a great one!

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