Team building 2.0

What defines a workplace? If your first answer is people, you are right!

Of course, there are many other aspects to be taken into account when defining an ideal work environment. But at core are always the people.

This leaves us with our next question. Are the people at your workplaces a group of individuals or a team?


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A group helps the members in developing a sense of conformity between them and respect the group values. Being part of a group increases their resistance to change. The power of a group is always more than an individual.

But a team? Now a team is slightly different from a group. A team plays a very vital role in the life of the members. The team motivates the members into working creatively and actively participating in the team tasks. Even more, a  team encourages its members to work for and with one another in achieving the objectives.

To get our group of individuals to become more of a team, we collaborated with Solver Consulting for our team building. They are professionals that focused their expertise in helping companies like ours and others in making the move from a group to a team.

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This is not our first rodeo with them. At this point, we can say we have history. This is why we chose for our team building the Enigma Academy, the sequel, outdoor training. During this  activity we worked in developing our tactical abilities, intervention ones and learn to form a united entity. The exercises were meant to help us be more collaborative, discuss, analyse and then implement, instead of just execute or be individualists in our tasks. 

Being our second year with them, we can say the improvement in our tasks and interactions while completing them were visible. Well, at least this is our opinion, we are very modest.

Check out some of the photos we took in this team building activity. They do not say a picture’s worth 1000 words for nothing. Enjoy the “reading”!

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