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Can we even talk about winter or team building if there is no skiing involved?

For some reason, we do consider ourselves good (maybe good is a little far stretched) at this activity, but we are highly motivated.

Reasons we chose skiing for our team building:

First of all, it is an aerobic endurance activity. After months of sitting at a desk, skiing is a breath of fresh air for our bodies. And because it is winter, we identify ourselves with tinny little bears. We eat, work, sleep. So a few calories being burned during the weekend seemed a very good idea.

Good cardiovascular exercise by working the heart and lungs from walking up the slope. Also, you probably know this, it strengthens lower body muscles.

And last, but not least, fun. It is very fun!

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For this year’s winter team building trip our destination was Jasna Low Tatras. Situated in the heart of Low Tatras, Central Slovakia, it has great slopes.

Location: Excellent
Snow: Dream like
Time: Too little

Our team building trip was not at all blunt. One “cute” story starts with us being stranded at 6,640 ft because we took the gondola to go up, but missed the last one down. Good thing there is a restaurant up there. It is for serving food, not for people like us, who miss the gondola down. But we got a chance to ride down with the employees after they ended their shift.

Why not go down the mountain on ski one might ask? Well, fog, blizzard and lack of skiing experience in 3 out of 4 people in our party. I reckon these are fair enough motives.

DJ, good food and an evening swimming where the cherry on top after a long day of being on the slopes. What more can we ask from this winter team building edition?


All in all, it was a good end of the week. We had fun and we got a chance to bond over our snow falls. How else can you build a team if not after working hours? We are looking forward to keeping up with our active life habits, outside the office. 

You can check out some cool pics of this ski team building venture bellow.


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