7 Principles of Great Brand Design

The process involved in creating a unique name and image for a product in the consumers’ mind, mainly through advertising campaigns with a consistent theme. Branding aims to establish a significant and differentiated presence in the market that attracts and retains loyal customers. Branding is something you should be focusing on even in your startup days. It’s much easier, to get your brand design right the first time, rather than fix it later.

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Stay classic

Classic doesn’t mean boring and it certainly doesn’t mean old school. It does, however, mean foregoing trends in many areas such as in favour of traditional fonts, colours with staying power (such as neutrals or primary colours), and being able to see the branding lasting for decades. That’s the goal, right?

Match the branding to the company

This seems obvious, but everyone has seen a logo that just doesn’t align with what the company does. Let your mission statement and business plan lead the way. If you look at some of the best-known brands, you will realize that they don’t splash users with a huge set of vivid colours and don’t contain dozens of different lines and shapes. Successful brand logos are simple, easy to draw and remember.

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Ensure it works on multiple platforms

Are your branding and logo going to work in print, on smartphones, on billboards and in low-quality newspapers? It needs to have mass appeal and be clear enough to not get “lost,” regardless of platform.

Stick to no more than two colours

If you want to draw attention you should use high-contrast color-schemes, and if you want to give consumers the feeling of peace and serenity you should choose light and peaceful color combinations. Black and white don’t count, but beyond them only go for one or two additional colors. Anything else is overkill. Use blue in order to cultivate user’s trust. Yellow is for warnings. Green is ideal for environmental and outdoor products. Orange is a fun color that can create a sense of haste or impulse. Black adds a sense of luxury and value. Use bright primary colors for your call to action.

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Remember the name is for life

One of the most exciting, yet frustrating things about starting a business is choosing the name. Don’t get swept up in trends, such as opening a breakfast joint called “Hashtag.” Instead, go with something easy to say, spell, and remember. Your name should be memorable and it shouldn’t be inspired by short-lasting trends. Another very important thing to have in mind when choosing a company name is the domain-name availability.

Keep mottos under seven words

If you’re including a motto regularly in your branding, such as McDonald’s, “I’m loving it,” the less is more principle also applies. Sometimes it’s necessary in order to make it clear what your company does, or simply to wriggle into the heads of consumers. If you do so, keep it short. Good slogans are timeless, and they can be repeatedly used in advertising.

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Put some of “you” in the brand design

If it’s your company, you deserve to have a little “you” in there. When you can, let your uniqueness leak into your branding. We are all emotional beings and we have emotional relationships with brands we trust. Designers need to make that happen. A designer must take the values and assets of a company and transform
them in a special way that connects with people emotionally.  Both your mission and statement should always be reflected on your brand design.
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Most importantly, hire a reputable marketing/graphic design team to help you. I also like to make sure you have clean URLs. This is the face of your business and you don’t want it in the hands of a newbie. If you want your business on the spotlights contact us!

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