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Projects can quickly take on a life of their own, spiraling out of the budget and taking far more time than planned. Project management software can help, but which one?

Project management must haves

There are some things that a project management software or application must accomplish:

  • get an overview of the start date, duration, end date and dependencies between tasks.
  • manage your work, people and time bookings in a smart timeline.
  • visualize your teamwork, eliminate bottlenecks and reduce the idle time in your projects.
  • split projects into task lists and tasks and assign them to your co-workers.
  • store all files related to the project – so everyone can access them, anytime.
  • track expenses, generate estimates and invoices for the client and get paid online.
  • keep track of time spent on all computer activities and allocate time to projects.
  • create customizable static and live reports and track business performance.
  • keep everyone involved in a project up to date with what’s happening through discussions.

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At 11Digits, we have tried some applications for our project management, but we didn’t feel fully satisfied.

We need a software that helps our team seamlessly manage projects through their entire life cycle. Start to initiate, plan, work, make adjustments and get paid. What can be easier than this?

Recently, we found Paymo and we were impressed! The application has met all of our expectations!


As they said: Paymo’s mission is to move your projects forward.

Our projects are moving forward.

Are yours? Try out Paymo Today!

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