4 benefits of using Google Plus in your business

Social media channels have a great proportion in the companies online presence. More and more companies, in all kind of fields, consider promoting through these channels, a priority for their business.

Facebook and Twitter are the most popular channels, but Google Plus is not a channel to neglect. One question that a marketing manager has to answer himself is: “Is a certain social media channel is relevant for the business I market?”.

Google+ is a channel that functions pretty different than the other channels we are used to, such as Facebook and Twitter. Different specialists in online marketing field criticize the way this channel function because the content is hardly shareable. It is not a channel that encourages viral content. Although that doesn’t mean you cannot use this tool¬†successfully for your business.

Starting with the fact that Google Plus has approx. 2.2 billion users, it is clear that this social media channel offers a large audience. Therefore, any marketer has to take it into consideration. Specialists underline also that this channel is used more by professionals, or people in the business field.

Shortly, Google Plus features offer specific advantages, such as:

1. Advance in Google searches

SEO Google Plus search

SEO is an important concern for every marketer. Different marketing experts concluded that business that is active on Google Plus (with interactive content) tend to rank higher in Google searches. The results are many times better than for those businesses who have a great content on Facebook or Twitter.

Google algorithm in evaluating the relevancy of the content and takes into consideration the social engagement. In other words, if people will consider useful your online content, they will take action. The way your content is shared on different social media channels will help you rank better. Not being present on a channel such as Google plus might diminish your promoting potential.

2. Connect with your potential market

Online marketing Google Plus

Most of your potential clients already frequently use Google+ as a channel for connecting with people they are interested in. Not being present on Google Plus might cause your business to loose an opportunity to promote to a larger potential audience. ¬†One feature Google plus has it’s that it allows you to connect with your clients and potential clients. This is the hang-out feature. This allows you to see the way they respond to your products and services and also share impression with them. You also can conduct discussions and surveys in order to evaluate their opinion regarding your offer. Their tools offer you not only the chance to maintain a good connection with your clients, but also to gather relevant information regarding the way you can improve your business.

3. Create circle for networking

Network marketing Google Plus

Because the sales are the heart of each business, and the database contact is the principal resource in having more clients, google plus circles are a great networking tool. Why is that so? Firstly, because you can add your customers, and your potential customers in your circle, freely and easy. The only resource you have to invest is your time in finding the people that are interested in your business.

Using circles you will make your business visible to many potential or actual customers. Also, being present on Google Plus allows people interested in your business to add you in their circles. In other words, you can grow your database organic, easy and free.

4. Promote your product & services

Online marketing Google Plus

Having a business page on Google Plus allows you to have paid ads in order to promote your products and services, like on other social media channels. If on Facebook, the more likes the better, on Google Plus more +1 means better. Also being connected with a large number of people on your Google plus page will help you in promoting your offer and boost your sales.

Each +1 of your potential customers will also assure a higher visibility for your brand and your offer. People connected with users that appreciate your content will see in their feeds your offers and will become aware of them.

Want to market your business better? Ask us more about how to use Google Plus for your business and any other marketing issue you deal with! 11Digits Team is here to help you in short time and with high professionalism.


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