Why Nearshore Outsourcing Is the Best Solution?

The best solution when choosing a country to outsource is to match the reasons why the company outsource in the first place. Usually, the reasons companies outsource are simple, mostly for cost effectiveness. But also for more technical skills and in some cases for better work. One thing is sure the first expectation that a company has from outsourcing is the quality. This is even more important than the price. But what kind of outsourcing should one choose?

1. Nearshore makes possible less cultural differences

Same region countries are related to each other and often interacts with each other by cultural changing, common words, habits and so on. But how does the cultural differences affects the professional work? Firstly, there are a lot of differences from one culture to another. These differences could be in quality, accuracy and being on time. And these are very important when you have a deadline or want a quality product. So outsourcing nearshore makes possible finding a company with an organizational behavior similar to yours.

2. Less travel expenses

It is true that nearshore outsourcing may be more expensive than offshore outsourcing, but the benefits are different. First, you cut the travel expenses. Being near the country you outsource, regarding the meetings, the travel costs less and also you don’t waste a lot of time. And we all know that time is money. So if you outsource to cut costs you should calculate all the money and time you will invest in this new collaboration.

3. Not many differences on time zone


The worst thing about the globalization is that it tempts you to work at any time. And if you outsource offshore it is very difficult to keep up with time. To have a conference and give instructions will most definitely imply that one partner gets up at 2 a.m. That’s not the best time to focus. It can also bring other troubles, considering that the next day you are going to work. As you see, this is one of the most important thing to take into account when you outsource. Because this can cause a lot of problems and the situation can get out of control.

4. Have the same legal constraints provided by the region

Work laws differ from country to country, and they don’t always fulfill your expectations. If you are a country in the European Union you will want to outsource in an Eastern Country that is also in EU. The country you choose will have the same laws and there won’t appear further complications. You don’t have to study the laws, such as the law about not respecting terms and agreements, etc.. On the other hand, if you outsource, for example, on another continent, they will have very different laws for sure. That could mean extra trouble.

Romania is one of the best countries that fulfill this conditions and, more specifically, 11 Digits also gives you 200 % warranty:

  1. Is in the European Union
  2. Has the same legal constraint
  3. Is in a common time zone
  4. Has balance between price and quality
  5. It is located in Oradea, which has an international airport and its offices are located only 14 km away from the airport.



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