If You Are Not Online, You Don’t Exist!

Nowadays, technology is making people lazy. Traditional shopping is on the verge of dying, while people are buying more and more online. Just think about it, if you want to buy something, a product or service, what is the first thing you do? You Google it to get information about how much it costs, what features it has, where you can find it and so on.

According to Forester Research $1.1 trillion of all retail sales in 2011 were web influenced. Just imagine how much that is Today.

1. Online store vs Offline store

In case you have a physical location for your business, you have only one door for your customer to enter. But if you go online, there are million doors for your customer to enter. If someone searches online and you are the first website suggestion, the first thing that pops his mind is that your company is a serious one.

It increases your credibility and also increases your image. And what marketing teaches us about sale is that sale is nothing more than trust. You have to earn your consumers’ trust in your product. 

According to Interconnected World in 2012,  61% of global internet users research products online. That is a considerable percentage and the good news is that is growing.

2. Just having a website is not enough.

As we mentioned in the begging, people are becoming lazier and the most important thing you can get from them Today is their attention. According to Econsultancy 40% of people will abandon a web page if it takes more than three seconds to load. So if you ever build a website make sure you hire a professional that is also an expert in marketing. Otherwise you will be just like the others and the website will be good for nothing.

3. The only constant in life is change

In the past years we have seen a number of big companies fail because they didn’t anticipate the future. They didn’t keep up. Nowadays, the website trend is the newest one and if you don’t follow up one thing is sure you will be left behind.

Choosing to get online and create your website also needs a warranty from the web design company you hired. A warranty that you are working with professionals. Find a company that gives you a warranty instead of just offering to create the website. And also find a company who treats your project with respect no matter how much money you are spending.

There are plenty of web design companies out there that have good balance between price and quality. 11Digits is one of them and besides, the warranty we give you also indicates  we are dedicated to your idea. We treat your project  like it is our project.



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