Screenshooting increases communication efficiency

Screen Capture has been used since long time  and maybe even today is the best way to communicate and give tasks on details.
It is used also in books by authors to display the topic in detail.

A photo is equal to 1000 words
It is true that every single word in the dictionary cannot describe what a photo do. First gives the right image of what you want to transmit. and it is scientifically ¬†proved that brain memories and understand better and faster the images rather than words. So if you want to communicate something to someone that you can’t see it face to face the best solution for a better communication is to give him a image when he can lean on, a screenshot.

If you dont see it you dont understand it
Screenshots are mostly used in a software application to show how this last one is used. it is nearly impossible to explain your coworkers how a new software that you recently installed in office computers work if you don’t have any screenshoot in the user manual. Just try to imagine how hard it would be to learn to use a new software without any screenshot. It is estimated that screenshots will save you 90% of time. Also it helps in many situation for example:
– When you’d like to capture an error message to show tech support
– If you’re on the phone with someone who needs help finding something on his or her computer, you can send a screenshot of your computer to show that person what to look for
– If you’d like to save the confirmation number of a purchase rather than printing it or writing it down.

Keep an eye on it!
The last use of screenshot is to monitor and to see exactly what your workers are doing. If you want to have better results and help the worker that is in need you have to install a software of screenshooting to see exactly what he is doing and what he needs help for. You can easily monitor and get other benefits from active monitor application.



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