5 Tips for improving your brand on Instagram

Your brand needs to be active everywhere, engage and be closer to customers and Instagram just might be your perfect opportunity to do that. With more than 500 million users, it’s a social media platform where your business can increase its tribe and rich conversion rate of potential clients from all over the world.

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Why your brand can be more effective on Instagram?

Let’s have a look at some statistics compiled by yotpo.com that compare Facebook and Instagram for marketers in recent years.

  1. Organic marketing reach on Facebook is down 63% over the last few years, while Instagram’s organic marketing reach is up 115%;
  2. The percentage of users engagement with brands on Instagram is more than double that of Facebook;
  3. Instagram has 58% more engagement per follower than Facebook;
  4. Only 48% of marketers are using Instagram, compared to 93% of marketers who are already on Facebook;
  5. Brands on Facebook reach only 6% of their followers per post, while brands on Instagram reaches 100% of their followers;
  6. On average Instagram, visitors stay 192 seconds longer on site than visitors from any other channel;
  7. 30% of Instagram users say they have purchased a product they discovered on Instagram;

Less competition, a more engaged audience and a major increase in organic reach make Instagram the best place where you can focus your marketing efforts. Here are 5 tips that will easily help you to implement Instagram marketing and grow your brand.

1. Full use of Instagram tools

The most important specification is that Instagram has introduced business profiles. These profiles, in addition to the usual ones, have a very visible contact ”call to action” that allows users to send an email, call or text the business. Besides the contact button, the business profiles also come with insights or, in other words, analytics. They provide businesses information about their followers, which is their impression about your posts and how they engage with them. This Instagram Insights will help you to create more relevant content for your audience.

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2. Perfect brand posts

To make users engage with your brand you need to build it carefully. What does it mean? It means you need to focus on your posts because these posts will represent the brand. So, if you want a trust and quality brand you need to have great stylish and quality posts. How you do that? By creating something different and unique. For example, Nike builds their online presence by creating motivational images with athletes and customers, they present experiences so when you see you realize it’s Nike without seeing their brand name or logo.

3. Take care of your tribe

If your followers take time to leave a comment on one of your posts, make sure that you’ll replay them or like their comments as quickly as you can. Thus you show them they are important to you. Making this simple act you can earn loyal customers. Another way to interact with your followers is by asking them to tag friends who would love this too. By doing that you can put your brand in front of a large audience and also expend your tribe.

4. #hashtag

Creating an interactive hashtag is a great way to create instant engagement. For example, you can create a hashtag for your brand and search for to repost the pictures of your customer with your product. Doing that you will obtain:

  1. A trend, more of your followers will use your hashtag and take pictures of your products because they want to be featured on your page;
  2. Free advertising! When your followers will use your hashtag in posts, their followers will see your hashtag.

5. Make your brand look cool

Your audience needs to enjoy your posts so you need to be creative, inspirational or at the very least, useful. You’re more likely to connect with your followers in an effective way if your posts are creative and not straight like an advertisement.

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