How to make your customers love your brand?

What is a lovemark? And why a nowadays marketer has to aim to build a brand strategy based on lovemarks? Lovemarks Theory has been launched by Saatchi & Saatchi and its thesis start from the idea that people are lead by emotions and not by ration. Building Lovemarks, is about building brands that customers can attach to, can relate to, can even love! A lovemark will not only make your customers be more loyal or engaged towards your products but even become evangelists of your brand.

1. Lovemarks are about emotional engagement

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Specialists say that the main difference when we talk about reasons comparative to emotions are that the firsts lead to other reasons or the last lead to actions. Each marketer wishes their customer would take an action regarding the products he promotes.

But what can a marketer do to create emotions in among the customers of the product he promotes? Is he able to stir up feelings like appreciation loyalty or even love? Can he turn simple consumers in evangelists of his brand?

The core of creating emotion is offering emotion. Does your brand transmit something to your customers? Do they feel you care about them? That your product can make them feel better with themselves, correspond to their values or transmit them a special emotion. Why are we sure that transmitting emotion make people action? Remember virus ILOVEYOU sent in 5 may, 2000? Hackers who created it appealed to the need of the love of each human and the positive reaction people have when they found out someone loves them. Using personal emails between friends, this virus succeeded in attacking Windows personal computers of tens of millions of users around the world.

Making people feel wanted, feel pursuits, feel loved will always make them react. Your brand strategy has to be oriented in offering customers more than simple products, it has to be oriented in offering amazing experiences that will create among them powerful emotion.

2. Lovemarks do tell a story

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Stories have attracted people since the beginning of the civilization. Stories touch people, make them be able to relate, to create connections with their own experiences, touches their heart and make them see their life in a different light.

Storytelling is an asset each business should maintain in a constant manner because they have the effect of amazingly connecting people to a product or a brand. It can be a success story, a funny one or a dramatic one. Stories will help people see your brand in a more human way.

3. Lovemarks impact ROI in a positive way

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Lovemarks are brands, products that people are attached to. Given to that. Given to that people will buy five times more often this product than they will buy another product they use in a constant frequency. With other words, we can conclude that building lovemark results in increasing loyalty of customers, and marketing specialists show that turning 1% percent of the average customers into loyal customers impact 2% of their sales.

More than that, lovemarks are promoted by their customers in a constant manner, them becoming along the time fervent evangelists of the brand. With other words, offering more than brands, or more than products, offering lovemarks will gain customers loyalty and turn them in a real sales force.

Ready to start making your brands and products being loved by your customers? Successful branding can start today for your company. Ask for our team advice we will analyze your product, your customers and the way you position today and will come with the best revision on making your brand more lovable than ever.

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